Past Video, founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2014 by Czech media artist Petr Rimsky, is a project focused mainly on cutting edge technology and its applications on new artistic forms, generative real-time motion graphics, prototyping and development of interactive visual content for art installations, music clubs and events.

Rimsky entered the world of visual arts through his musical moniker Matka and through his multiple collaborations on audiovisual and performing arts projects.

In 2014, Past Video began to VJ in Barcelona┬┤s techno and drum & bass scene and became an active part of a quickly growing audiovisual landscape in the city.


In 2015, Past Video entered a collaboration with Barcelona-based studio Eyesberg on audiovisual projects, designing real-time and interactive visual content for Full Dome shows and other installations. That same year Past Video was invited to create Full Dome visuals for Richard Devine┬┤s live show during the Mira Festival and went on to participate in the Mira Festival the following year in the creation of Full Dome visuals by Eyesberg Studio for musical act Pauk.

Currently Past Video is immersed in the creation of a multi sensorial piece for Full Dome in coproduction with SAT Montreal exploring the possibilities given by new audiovisual media and is also developing a live audiovisual show in collaboration with Danish dystopian techno act Deathvox.


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