Deathvox_Optimism Gap

live A/V_stage design_IN THE MAKING


In A/V show for live techno act Deathvox we are exploring the possibilities of immersive real time audiovisual, projections on transparent scrim and smoke (fog), combined with lighting and 3D graphics, synchronized in real time with audio.

With his latest reincarnation as DEATHVOX, the Danish musician Kristian Westergaard signs his most brutal and visceral project to date. After several releases under his own name such as “Gray” or “Yield!” where he proves his mastery with modular synthesizers, unleashes last summer 2018 the beast in the form of EP “Optimism Gap”. A release loaded with four missiles ready to destroy dancefloors that delves into the darkest and most violent corners of contemporary electronic music.With DEATHVOX Westergaard delivers a genre-defying mix of hypnotic rhythms and textures, oscillating between something best described as dystopian techno or satanic trance.”

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