live A/V_stage design


«Under the moniker DEATHVOX the Danish musician and producer Kristian Westergaard presents his darkest and most visceral project to date. The debut EP “Optimism Gap” features a brutal mix of dystopian techno and satanic trance, and is backed up by a ferocious modular synth/drum-machine live-act, delivered with little regards towards any musical boundaries, still containing an emotional and sonic intensity rarely encountered in music meant for dancing. In short DEATHVOX is rave-music for a world gone wrong.
For the creation of audiovisual live shows Westergaard joins forces with PAST VIDEO. Together they create a schizophrenic and hallucinating world that puts sound and visuals into alignment focused on the future of techno, and the possibilities of cutting edge technologies. Immersive projections combined with lighting and 3D graphics, synchronized real time by the audio, all at the service of maximal sonic and visual impact.

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